• How can I ensure that my child will be well taken care of?

    We pride ourselves on the involvement with the student's life while they are here. The coordinators are actively involved with the students and try to create a bond, building a trust to express themselves freely. They work directly with the students, host families and schools to ensure their academic progress, well being within the family unit and community involvement.

    Can I bring my laptop ?

    Most of the host families have wireless internet but the use will be strictly monitored to ensure the students educational success and social interaction.

    How can I communicate with my child and visa versa?

    The student may bring an international calling card or they can purchase one when they arrive. The natural families may call the host families home phone. We strongly urge limited contact when the student´┐Żs first arrives to minimize the feeling of homesickness.

    What school will I attend?

    CATW works with many private schools across America. The students are able to choose the area of the country they desire to study based on availability.

    How are host families chosen?

    CATW completes a thorough background check and requires personal, business and church references. We do interviews with the family members and only place children in homes that we would place our own children in

    Can I travel during the academic program?

    The student may travel with their host families, school or church during the program. Independent travel must be approved by CATW prior to making travel arrangements. If school is missed student is required to get their assignments prior to departure and must abide by the school policies.

    Who can participate and what are the requirements?

    The program is open to students in 7th-12th grades with the desire to improve their English skills, share cultural prospective and study intensely in private schools.