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Children Around the Worlds’ coordinators work directly with the students, schools and host families to insure success of the students education and their well being.

They plan outings for the students to area attractions and days out just having fun. There is always a coordinator close by to help support the students with any challenges they may have.

Our Coordinators

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  Alba ca 09/15/2017

I've been hosting International students for several years now and I love working with them and learning about their culture.

  Marsha PA    
  Letitia CA  

I have been shadowing my mother, Verna, for nearly ten years while she has worked with International students and really wanted to get involved, too.

  Lorraine Tennessee  

I would like to be involved in this capacity of working with international students. I have worked in many other aspects but not in the local coordinator role.

  Tina Ws  

I really enjoy working with the kids and learning about other countries

  Kim MA 07/07/2017

I really enjoy this work it has been such a wonderful experience for me

  Lisa NC 05/30/2017

I enjoy helping International Students with their dream of an American education and the whole American experience.

  Melody CA  

I have been working with children/students for over 20 years. It's important to have international exchange student programs around the world so both the student and the host family can gain a cultural experience.

Sally Illinois  

I currently work with exchange students and have schools that are waiting for students as well as host families that want students and DMD isn't getting enough students right now.

  Julie IL    
Displaying 1 - 10 of 16 1 2

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